@SelfishBabes 5 Day Self-love Challenge Hosted By @OlanikeeOsi

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Self Belief on 10 is ONE of the things you need to create your best life. And it starts with self-love.

After this 5 Day, Self Love Challenge Become a SelfishBabe who is creating her best life, knowing that you really can do anything.

Hi. I'm OlanikeeOsi

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I want to help you create your BEST life by leading you on this 5-day self-love journey.

You may be thinking: What does self-love have to do with creating my best life?

I created SelfishBabe and Goddess Detox. Two amazing self-love inspired companies that allow me to live more of a life of freedom than others. I wrote my first book at 24 The Power of Looking At Your Yoni, which you'll find on Amazon today. I started a podcast: The Selfish Talk Podcast which is now in the Top 200 of Apple's Self Improvement Podcasts.

I wouldn't have been able to do ANY of this without believing in myself.

Believing in yourself is one of many parts when it comes to self-love. Self-belief will take you further than any opinions others could give you. It will take you further then your fears and doubts about yourself.

I want to be able to guide you on your own ability to cultivate self-belief this high.

When you KNOW and FEEL you can do anything your life WILL change.

Join me in the challenge.

Benefits Of Taking My 5 Day Challenge

1. Gaining more confidence in yourself.

2.A gained understanding that you truly hold the power in creating the life you want to see.

3. Doing actionable activities that show you how to love yourself, not just all talk.

4. Being your authentic self and not being shamed for it.

5.Taking more risks, going after your dreams and goals even if you don’t have the support of others around you.

How It Works

1. Once you sign up, you will receive an email with the whole challenge available to you now. You will also receive an email reminder every day for 5 days with a link to that day's video and a 15 minute or less activity that will help you become your own best friend.

2. Through these activities and new beliefs, you will step out of your comfort zone and do those things you know you need to do to grow.

3. No more thinking yourself out of things, you will just do because you will believe in yourself.

4. You will understand your own power and see that you have all you need to change your life and circumstances.

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